About Us

Anmol Group

Group consisting of professionals from various sectors in the financial industry, we have experienced the investments and financial services segment for close to two and a half decades, and were formally revealed as “Anmol” in the year 2006. ONE STOP SHOP for all your financial needs, be it as an individual or as a corporate. RANGE OF SERVICES starting from Tax Planning to Insurance (life, medical,general)to Real Estate to Investments.
MyAnmol Insurance offers a wide range of insurance services which include health Insuarnce, Vehicle Insurance, Burglary or Theft Insurance, WorkmenCompensation, Fire Policy and Medical Policy

Our Vision

Help develop the economy by catering to all its financial, insurance andinvestmentneedsby utilizingallof our vast experience.

Our Mission

Cater to ALL of India on ALL their financial,insurance andinvestment matters. We wish for, all who visit us, to have all their finances and investments sorted out and handled at one place in a professional manner.

Why Anmol

  • EXPERIENCE - Total team experience of over 100years
  • CLAIMS - Experience of settling over Rs. 1,00,00,000 of claims, hencewe ensure smooth and quick claim settlement
  • PRICE - Provide the most competitive premium from any insurance company
  • PROCESS - Deal directly with the Heads/Regional Office of any insurance company
  • PROFESSIONALISM - Amongst us, we have MBA’s,Lawyers,Fellows in Insurance and Chartered Accountants
  • OUR USP -Business Risk Assessment, Technical Support and end to end services with a clear conscience